Musicians Testimonials

Following are e-mails received from players commenting on my instruments.

Carlos Marques -
KC Disney Gloria Floyd
Genevieve Stevens Masahiro Ueno
Vince Lasorso Dieter Esterbrook
Vince Bryan Jackson
Patrick Cameron Patricia Cooper
Bish Runyan Masahiro Ueno
Pat Cameron Russell Gon
Dan Rasay Don Mears
Sally Gibson The Murphys
Stephanie Gale John E. Bezjak
Vincent Trago Robert Salomone
Nanette Hubert Angaiak
Steven Stratford Elias Argyris
Wayne Muzzioli Dan Kornblum
Doug Hoeller Susan Grzesnikowski
Don Raynolds Karyn Grove
Tommy Kuo Kelvin Ironside
Susan Myers Carey Balthazor
Sue Andring
Lenny Fauver Amber
Sue Bevington "Mate in 1"
Robert Heitmann Roderick

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All instruments purchased may be returned for a full refund (except freight and insurance costs, both ways) within 7 days of receipt.


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