Violin back, Gustav Bernardel, 1899

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I have paid significant attention to the authenticity and preservation condition of these instruments, at the time they were purchased. The vast majority of them come with highly reputable certificates, while the few that don't, are so clearly representative of a maker, that a certificate, though easily secured, might be considered unnecessary.

Gustav Bernardel, Paris 1899
Outstandingly preserved, heavily played on, representing the pure work of this reknown maker.
Sold with Hill Certificate.

J.B. Vuillaume, Paris
This unique violin, described in Hill Brothers book on Maginni, is a precise replica of a certain Maginni violin. Vuillaume went to great length in locating the wood, and ultimately capturing the true Maginni spirit.

Alberto Guerra, Modena 1966
Made 2 years before his premature death, this very well preserved violin represents a pure example from this maker.

Sebastian Klotz, 1753
A violin by the best of a large family of makers. In a near mint state of preservation.
Sold with certificates from Lewis & Son and Kenneth Warren, Chicago.

Colin-Mezin Violin, Bow and Case, 1896
A true collector's delight! All 3 items are part of an original bill of sale, (Colin-Mezin original invoice), dated and signed by the maker. In near mint condition.

Richard Duke, London
An example from the best British maker of the late 18th century.
In very good condition.

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